A.  My service STARTS at  CA$150  for portrait, engagement, maternity, baby and/or other special events. Professional fee depends on time required and location.

     Note :  (1)  Engagement/ Maternity/ Portrait / Baby :   10 edited photos (High Resolution & Social Media copies) in USB for a 2 -hour job.  Anything over is extra. Original (Raw files are not given to client)

                (2) For special events (party of all kinds) : service fee depends by the hours and location.  For more info, please send me a message

     B.  Wedding I customize the final quote based on location, number of people, number of photographers involve and hours of service. Please inquire for more details and availability.  Wedding package starts at $1500.  Military members automatically gets 10% discount .

  C.  Image Copy - if you find any specific photo that you are interested in to have, please send me a message for specific requirements, sizing, etc so I can give you a quote.

D.  Photography 101 (private or semi private) - learn the fundamental of photography this include understanding exposure, creative composition and tips to make your shots tack sharp!  I Charge a flat rate of $300 for 3 hours to cover what you need to know and actual hands on in the field. If you are group of 2 or more (max 4), the rate will be $250.  

E.  Special Photography Workshop - is a day or night course specifically targeting a special field of photography such as milky way photography, landscape, travel photography, city photowalk, etc.  This workshop is offered on a limited number in a year.

Special Notes:

* I conduct my photoshoot within 15-20 kilometre radius.  Anything over, the client will pay additional charge on top.

** Turn around time to give the final images in USB stick to client for "A" is two (2) weeks while for "B" is three (3) weeks.

*** My client has full rights of use of all the images.  As an artist, I only gives quality edited images to client.  I don't give out my raw files and other images that in my subjective judgement is technically and aesthetically inferior qualities.