A.  My service STARTS at  CA$150  for portrait, engagement, maternity, baby and/or other special events. Professional fee depends on time required and location.

     Note :  (1)  Engagement/ Maternity/ Portrait / Baby :   10 edited photos (High Resolution & Social Media copies) in USB for a 2 -hour job.  Anything over is extra. Original (Raw files are not given to client)

                (2) For special events (party of all kinds) : service fee depends by the hours and location.  For more info, please send me a message

     B.  Wedding I customize the final quote based on location, number of people, number of photographers involve and hours of service. Please inquire for more details and availability.  Discounts are available for CAF members and referrals.

  C.  Image Copy - if you find any specific photo that you are interested in to have, please send me a message for specific requirements, sizing, etc so I can give you a quote.

D.  Photography 101 (private or semi private) - learn the fundamental of photography this include understanding exposure, creative composition and tips to make your shots tack sharp!  I Charge a flat rate of $300 for 3 hours to cover what you need to know and actual hands on in the field. If you are group of 2 or more (max 4), the rate will be $250.  

E.  Special Photography Workshop - is a day or night course specifically targeting a special field of photography such as milky way photography, landscape, travel photography, city photowalk, etc.  This workshop is offered on a limited number in a year.

Special Notes:

* I conduct my photoshoot within 15-20 kilometre radius.  Anything over, the client will pay additional charge on top.

** Turn around time to give the final images in USB stick to client for "A" is two (2) weeks while for "B" is three (3) weeks.

*** My client has full rights of use of all the images.  As an artist, I only gives quality edited images to client.  I don't give out my raw files and other images that in my subjective judgement is technically and aesthetically inferior qualities.